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Unbelievable RH Outlet Savings

Restoration Hardware Outlet Store Location

If you never thought you’d be able to afford anything from Restoration Hardware, then you’re in the right place to discover the best deals that may surprise you. Yes, the same luxury Restoration Hardware furniture (which also now offers RH Yachts and RH Private Jets, by the way) could be displayed in your home for much, much less of an investment than you might think.

Restoration Hardware (rebranded as RH) has over 40 outlet locations offering discounts up to 90% off, which is leaps beyond RH member pricing and superior to the RH Sale section. Knowledge and preparation are key to scoring the best deals so we’ve got you covered with all the top tips.

RH Outlet Dining Tables

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What Makes RH Outlet Different?

Restoration Hardware Outlet is the clearance warehouse for Restoration Hardware stores. Inventory is available in a variety of conditions and consists of everything from brand new in box returns to excess or discontinued furniture to damaged items.

The RH Outlet stores aren’t listed on the regular website, so do a search for the one of the over 40 outlet locations nearest to you as these are constantly changing.

What you’re paying is a truly unbelievable 35% up to 90% off retail prices! For comparison, the RH membership gives you 25% off full-priced merchandise (20% off sale). The sale section of the RH website has rotating offers of up to 70%+ off but typical discounts are closer to 30-40% off for many worthwhile pieces.

RH Outlet Couches

Don’t expect the same lavish RH Gallery experience from an RH Outlet store though. The huge outlets are more of a typical furniture outlet warehouse configured with similar items grouped all together.

This actually makes the RH Outlets much less intimidating than the fancy Gallery showrooms. There are some pretty unique methods of saving money on key furniture pieces unavailable elsewhere as well.

RH Outlet Prices

The Restoration Hardware Outlet prices for furniture and decor usually start at 35% off and can be marked down as much as 90% off retail prices!

I visited the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Leesburg, VA and did the math to compile the result from a survey of the store inventory for discount and condition.

Just how much of a discount can you typically expect at the RH Outlets? While you can typically expect to find markdowns of 35% to 90% off retail prices, the average discount was 47% at the RH Outlet. There was a really great selection of couches at 60% to 90% off, art for 70% off, and lamps all starting at 50% off.

RH Outlet Dressers

Maximum DiscountAverage DiscountMinimum Discount

Not all outlet items are on the same pricing structure though. Keep an eye out for the two types of tags on furniture, which can drastically change the discount you’re going to receive.

The first type of tag is the regular RH Outlet pricing tag. These are a fixed discount starting at 35%, which is the average but I’ve seen them go up to 60% off. These prices do not change.

Restoration Hardware Outlet Regular Tag

The second and more powerful type of tag is the final sale clearance tag. These are recognizable by a big black stripe across the top and rows of price discounts below. Clearance items are discounted an additional percentage (typically 10%) every week or two if not sold. 

Restoration Hardware Outlet Clearance Tag

RH Outlet Negotiation 

Probably the best tip for RH Outlets is that you’re able to negotiate the price down on some items! You may not be used to negotiating, especially at high-end stores, in the United States so here are some tips to help you out.

RH Outlet Outdoor Side Tables

  1. First, you can ONLY negotiate on items with CLEARANCE tags. Don’t even bother with ones that have the normal tag.
  2. Next, either talk to a sales associate in the store or send them an email asking if the item is still available and if they’d be willing to discount it any further. This might be a better option for anyone intimidated by asking in person.
  3. Bonus: Wait until just before the item is about to be discounted again and ask the store if they’d be willing to discount the item early for you. That’s one way to beat anyone else who was also waiting for the markdown to take effect.
  4. Finally, be ready to purchase that day. If you get an opportunity, take it. It’s unlikely they’ll give you time to think about it when they’ve already done you a favor.

How much can you negotiate off the price? It depends. 10% (or however much their weekly/bi-weekly discount is on that item) would not be too unreasonable if it’s close to markdown time. If you can show a compelling reason for more, for example damage on the item or a similar price from the regular Restoration Hardware store, then come up with a number you think is reasonable.

RH Outlet vs RH Member Pricing

The average discount at the Restoration Hardware Outlet is 47% off ranging from 35% to 90% off. RH Members receive 25% off regular items and an extra 20% off sale items with up to 70% off on the website, but typical discounts are in the 30-40% range at the regular galleries. 

This means that sometimes there might actually be the same or better deal on the RH website for the same item at an Outlet. If that’s the case, you can try to negotiate a better discount off an RH Outlet item if you show the sales associate the evidence.

RH Outlet Rugs

Are they trying to trick you? No. Items end up at the RH Outlet for a variety of reasons and there is some independence with setting prices. So there are times when outlet prices and in-store prices get out of sync. It’s up to you to do your due diligence.

Get on the List

If you’re on a serious search for a specific item, then you need to get on the client list. What is this exclusive client list?

RH Outlet has a waitlist you can get on to be contacted when they receive a specific item. You can even let them know the distance you’re willing to travel and call you if the item shows up in any of the nearby outlet store.

You cannot purchase the item over the phone, but a sales representative may be willing to text you pictures of the item so you can see the condition before driving out.

Will it Fit?

This may seem obvious, but know the size of your space and size of item you’re looking for. 

We’ve all been there when you order furniture online or from Ikea and finally get it into your space it looks like it was built for a child. Restoration Hardware has the opposite problem.

RH Outlet Chairs

RH is known for their large pieces so you want to make sure any item you get is going to actually be able to fit into your home.


The Restoration Hardware Outlets, like many other outlets, does not offer in-store delivery services but they can recommend trusted local options.

Make sure to calculate the cost of delivery into the total price if you don’t have a way of transporting the item yourself.